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Handmade in Ireland
Fabric: 100% Irish Linen
Colour: Black, Grey
Availability: Made to order

The Linen Kimono is inspired by the traditional Japanese design. This jacket draws on the fundamentals of the traditional kimono yet is simplistic in structure and finish. Made from four main pieces the fabric creates a T shape, finished with french seams and a flat collar. A fabric belt allows you to wrap the jacket and tie the belt around your waist. Two large pockets create functionality and comfort. This kimono style outerwear can be worn for any occasion, layered over a simple Khadi Top or over a cosy knit.

Made with 100% Irish Linen which is manufactured locally in Wexford, Ireland. Emblem weavers is a family run business which was set up in 1962 by Jim Conway. Using the finest quality of flax, the yarn is woven by their team of skilled machinists who have been perfecting this traditional Irish fabric over time. This particular linen is a lightweight blend of white and grey yarns which blend into a neutral grey tone. The natural quality of linen is breathable and comfortable, a fabric which can be worn throughout any season.


sizes vary between 1, 2 and 3. otherwise small, medium and large. for garments with only sizes 1 and 2, this is due to the oversized fit. otherwise small/medium and medium large. for more information on sizing please check the fitting guide + care.