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Handmade in India
Fabric: 100% Cotton Hand Block Print
Colour: Natural Dyes
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The Printed Set is the merging of pure comfort and style. A relaxed style top paired with the classic drawstring trousers creates the ultimate loungewear. This two piece has been dyed using natural dyes drawn from the local ingredients creating muted tones, each shade slightly different and will age beautifully with time. Pair this set with the Printed Kimono for full impact or wear separately with muted basics. This lightweight cotton is perfect for the warmer days, a light and airy feel against the skin.

This fabric has been block printed by Indian artisans who have been perfecting their craft for 10 generations. The block is carved by hand from Indian Rosewood creating an intricate design. Then the fabric is laid out on long tables and the printing process begins. The craftsman will dip the block in the natural indigo dye then stamp on the length of fabric, repeating this process until the entire length of fabric is covered. Local ingredients are used throughout the process, a beautiful sight to see the lengths of freshly printed fabrics lying out in the sun to dry.


 sizes vary between 1, 2 and 3. otherwise small, medium and large. for garments with only sizes 1 and 2, this is due to the oversized fit. otherwise small/medium and medium large. for more information on sizing please check the fitting guide + care.