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Handmade in India
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Colour: Light blue, Navy blue, Black
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The Bandhani Shawl is an example of one of India’s many age old artistic traditions of making. Made from soft cotton the shawl can be wrapped, knotted or simply folded over your shoulders, adding texture to a simplistic outfit. Bandhani is a method of dyeing textiles which has been around for over five thousand years. The process is similar to tie-dye; the fabric is pinched, knotted, threaded then dyed in a library of eco-friendly dyes. Involving multiple rinsings, wringings and stitching, the process from start to finish can take up to four months to make.

This cottage industry engages communities in productive work and economic growth by working with over 200 independent artists in the area who are reliant on this craft as their income. Finished with a hand embroidered logo, this unisex shawl carries stories and traditions, by wearing it you are supporting a craft which bonds communities through the creation of this art. Each scarf is unique, with every hand the cloth is passed through a sense of life, traditions and care embodies each piece.