A fine leather cord hangs around the neck carrying an amulet tied with a small silver bell. The amulet is made from a scrap silk fabric which is delicately hand stitched with fine running stitches. Traditionally Amulets are worn part of indian culture to fend off evil energy whilst carrying wishes of good look and health. Filled with scrap remnants of glass beads and basil beads which signify good luck.

Tnish for Four Threads is a collection of hand crafted jewellery made from textile remnants. Each piece made celebrates different skills of sewing, from embroidery to beading the remnants are artistically transformed into contemporary adornments. The collection has been curated to add to a minimalistic wardrobe by adding intricate details of embellishment.

A perfect gift, each piece unique with every stitch embodying the beauty of ‘perfect imperfections’.

Dimensions: the necklace measures 38cm long. the amulet measures 3.5cm x 6cm.



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