The Mashru Silk Tunic is a handwoven piece of delicate craftsmanship embodying pure luxury. With a hand stitched neckline and sleeve detail this special piece carries more significance than meets the eye. The beautiful story of Mashru cloth adds meaning to the elegant form of this simple tunic shape. Utilising the full width of the fabric the tunic is folded and sewn using the selvedge edge, meaning minimal waste results in making this piece. The square shape allows for a variety of sizes to fit this style comfortably.

The fabric is a mix of 50% Silk and 50% Cotton hand woven creating the most striking, liquid-like quality of texture. It is made using satin weave by interlacing silk and cotton yarns, creating an illusion that it is solely made of silk. Mashru means “permitted” in Arabic, this textile got its name when Muslim men were forbidden to wear silk, began wearing this fabric. By working with weavers to create a cloth with cotton woven on the inside and a silk exterior they were permitted to wear this luxurious cloth as the silk was not in contact with the skin.

This piece is made in one size.

Fabric: 50% Handwoven Silk 50% Handwoven Cotton
Colour: Black



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