The Linen Bag is the perfect carrier for any occasion. Fill it up with fresh ingredients from the market or throw a few towels in and head to the beach. This bag is re-usable, functional and also aesthetically beautiful. A natural colour which compliments earthy tones in addition to any outfit. Throw this in the wash when its tired from carrying and it will be like new.

Made with 100% Irish Linen which is manufactured locally in Wexford, Ireland. Emblem weavers is a family run business which was set up in 1962 by Jim Conway. Using the finest quality of flax, the yarn is woven by their team of skilled machinists who have been perfecting this traditional irish fabric over time. This particular linen is heavy weight suitable for continuous use over time. The natural quality of linen is breathable and comfortable, a fabric made to transcend any season.

A bag for life.

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