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Handmade in India
Fabric: 50% Handwoven Viscose 50% Handwoven Cotton
Colour: Oyster
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The Satin Square Tunic is a handwoven piece of delicate craftsmanship embodying pure luxury. With a hand stitched neckline and sleeve detail this special piece carries more significance than meets the eye. The beautiful story of Mashru cloth adds meaning to the elegant form of this simple tunic shape. Utilising the full width of the fabric the tunic is folded and sewn using the selvedge edge, meaning minimal waste results in making this piece. The square shape allows for a variety of sizes to fit this style comfortably. Pair this tunic with the Satin Trousers to complete the full look.

This hand woven silk like fabric is a mix of 50% Viscose and 50% Cotton creating the most striking, liquid-like quality of texture. It is made using satin weave by interlacing the shiny yarns with the cotton yarns, creating a mashru like fabric. The viscose is derived from wood and bamboo fibre, a natural alternative to a silk fabric. Khadi, meaning hand spun, hand woven fabric is in itself a celebration of ‘perfect imperfection’, with each yard visibly bearing the mark of hand craftsmanship

This piece is made in one size.

sizes vary between 1, 2 and 3. otherwise small, medium and large. for garments with only sizes 1 and 2, this is due to the oversized fit. otherwise small/medium and medium large. for more information on sizing please check the fitting guide + care.