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The Khadi Bag is the perfect carrier for any occasion. Fill it up with fresh ingredients from the market or throw a few towels in and head to the beach. This bag is re-usable, functional and also aesthetically beautiful. Natural colours which compliment earthy tones in addition to any outfit. Also features an inside pocket for all your essentials.

Made with 100% khadi, a traditional handspun and handwoven Indian cotton. We work closely with our weavers in the Bengal region of Eastern India to ensure the utmost care is employed in the production of our fabric. Khadi is in itself a celebration of ‘perfect imperfection’, with each yard visibly bearing the mark of hand craftsmanship. Pronounced in the 1920’s by Mahatma Gandhi as a ‘symbol of unity’, this industry continues to provide generations of Indian craftspeople with a sustainable livelihood.

Handmade in India.
Fabric: 100% Handwoven Cotton
Bag measures: 35cm x 42cm x 13cm
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